~ Meet the rest of the team ~

Chris and Janet Strege:

My son Chris is going to take care of book distribution.  Hopefully this will become a very busy job to go along with his already busy life.  To give you an idea of his heart… we went to Haiti in 1990 to pick up a baby boy that we were adopting.  We had been there about a week when Chris’s  mom realized that Chris was missing most of the clothes we had brought for him.  When she asked him where all of his clothes were he started crying and said, “Mom these kids hardly have anything.”  He had given almost all of his clothes to little Haitian kids.  He was eight years old at the time. To this day he can’t drive by somebody standing on the side of the street with a need help sign of some kind without giving them some money.  Chris is a good young man and I am so pleased that he, along with his wife Janet, will be helping me.